The Importance of Cheap Fabric

The types of hobbies, crafts, and activities that require fabric can often be relatively expensive on the whole. If you decide to get involved in dressmaking, creating curtains, making cushion covers, or one of many other fabric-based projects, you will find yourself forking out for a sewing machine, tape measures, shears, chalk, pins, needles, bobbins, and an iron at least. That’s before you consider the cost of extras - like overlockers, specialist needles, and dressmakers dummies - that can make your work significantly easier. It’s not all too surprising, then, that many of us are constantly on the lookout for cheap fabric. Having to invest in equipment means that there’s not always too much of our budgets left over for the raw materials that will actually bring our visions to life!

The Importance of Cheap Fabric

Sure, when you are sewing or crafting for fun, it can be tempting to let yourself cut loose and purchase a truly decadent piece of fabric to work with as a one off. But when you are purchasing fabric regularly, when you are working on projects that require larger quantities of fabric, or when you are sewing and crafting for a profit, you’re going to have to be a lot more mindful of your budget. The cost of fabric can make or break a project. It can determine whether you can afford to go ahead with your plans - whether that’s on a personal level or in terms of profitability on a professional level.

Sourcing Cheap Fabric

Now, finding any old cheap fabric isn’t all too hard. If you are happy to deconstruct old clothing, upholstery, and other material-based homeware, you could find a neverending supply of cheap fabric in your local charity store, at a kilo sale, or in others’ discarded belongings at car boot sales. But relying on these sources of cheap fabric can prove relatively problematic when you have particular projects in mind. When you purchase cheap fabric, you want to ensure that:

  • It is clean - nobody wants to start working with dirty, worn materials. Purchasing dirty or excessively used second hand fabrics puts a dull tinge on your creative process. You’ll have to wash the fabric before use, which can prove time consuming and you need to bear in mind the costs that come hand in hand with running a washing machine, detergent, and stain removal products. You may also find that some stains can’t be removed, rendering the cheap fabric worthless.
  • It is whole - used fabrics may have holes or tears. You may not realise this until after you have purchased the fabric, if you don’t have the time to scour over every piece before you buy it.
  • There is enough - scraps of fabric may well be cheap, but are they going to provide you with sufficient material to complete your project? It’s rare that secondhand cheap fabric comes in rolls, sheets, or large pieces that will allow you to complete larger scale projects without having to struggle or patch things together.

Generally speaking, it is much better to look for brand new cheap fabric. Why would you put yourself through the trials and tribulations mentioned above when you can actually source immaculate cheap fabric at an equally low cost through Pound Fabrics?

Prioritise Quality

Perhaps our main point is that quality should still reign supreme when you are on the lookout for cheap fabric, regardless of how low your budget may be. We can provide a wide variety of low-cost fabric that will exceed your expectations and get your project started for just pennies. Browse our page of £1 fabric, where you can find from Georgette to Faux Suede for just £1 a metre. Also keep an eye on our homepage and our page of Fabric Steals for penny flash sales. Here, you can order up to five metres of chosen fabrics for just a penny a metre!

We’re here to prove that quality materials can come hand in hand with low prices. If you’re looking for cheap fabric, we can provide you with everything you need!

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Fiona Ongers

Fiona Ongers

April 05, 2023

I love all the information you put on your site as they are always very very helpful.

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