Citrus Yellow Soft Touch Stretch Satin

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Citrus Yellow Soft Touch Stretch satin - available now at the UK's lowest price!

Citrus in colour, this satin has a stretch from selvedge to selvedge. The front of the fabric catches light well and has a lovely shine to it, while the back of the fabric is more muted and the white spots look verge on vague. You can use either side of this fabric depending on what kind of style and look you want to create. It is easy to handle on the reverse as it grips to it self. Each spot is is roughly 6 mm’s in diameter and sit uniform in all directions. You can contrast other colours with this fabric too as the classic white spots and citrus yellow colour can be played around with.

 As this is a A/B grade fabric, there may be minor print defects within the design. 

This fabric is 44 inches wide.


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