Abstract Paintbrush Print Polyester Fabric

  • £1.00

Abstract Paintbrush Print Polyester Fabric. This fabric is the perfect fabric choice for anyone who has that artistic flare or who just has a love for colour. Almost like ‘u’ shapes (depending on which way you look at the fabric) it seems as though the flat headed paintbrush ran out of paint in some areas.

This allows the white to come through, breaking down the colour slightly and repeats every so often. Depending on how you use the fabric pattern matching may not be essential as this is a busy print.

The ‘u’ like shapes follow a uniform direction but in all fairness, this creative looking fabric would be best used in a free form manner. Another good quality of this soft feel fabric is its semi sheerness. Layered upon itself, the colours become bolder and more vibrant, but how great would this look with a different colour added into the mix?

On the reverse of the fabric you will find that the print shows through, but is muted. The front of the fabric is far more lively with happy colour, warm and lush colour tones running through it.

This fabric is 58 inches wide.

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