Filigree Ombre Polyester Fabric

  • £1.00

Filigree Ombre Polyester Fabric. 

Filigree patterned ombre fabric. A white filigree patterned soft peach feel polyester which has a graduated ombre style effect throughout it. You can choose from three soft shades, peach, spring green and orchid. The pattern has small dots around its edges, which adds to the overall finish of the fabric.

The very soft feel of this fabric makes it enjoyable to work with and each shade would be complemented well with a plain shade next to it. You can use this fabric for a variety of projects. If used in a abundance, you can make the most of the fabrics ombre affect which runs vertically down the fabric.

Each band of colour is approximately 5 inches wide which then fade into the next colour and so on. If you are looking for a multi shade fabric, this could be a good option to go for.

This fabric is 58 inches wide.

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