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Mix Printed Stretch Fabric Bundle 3 x 3 Metres (Total 9 Metres)

Out of stock

 Unsure on what to buy? Why not let us choose for you...

A mystery bundle including 3 different printed stretch fabric lengths, each measuring 3 metres! The 3 pieces will be randomly selected from 3 different stretch fabrics not listed on the website. The bundle may include elastane, knit or other stretch fabrics.

The bundles will include three different printed stretch fabrics and each bundle ordered may vary. The fabrics will be chosen from a secret stash and may include beautiful and high quality elastane or knit fabrics. Some fabrics have wonderfully vibrant colours whilst others include exceptional designs in darker shades. Enjoy the surprise each time and make massive savings. 

These fabrics have never been seen before on our website! 

As always - we can guarantee you'll be getting amazing value for money and the LOWEST possible price compared to anywhere else. In fact, on this unique bundle, you'll be saving a MASSIVE £49.50 compared to most other stores! 

That's right, you will get 9 metres of gorgeous stretch fabric for ONLY £13.50 - that's just £1.50 per metre!