Owl Motif Polyester Fabric

  • £1.00

Owl Motif Polyester Fabric. An owl motif print fabric. This comical print shows a repeated motif of an owl, sitting on a twig with very round eyes that almost look as though they are spectacles. The little motif measures just 1cm in height and 1.7 cm in width including the leaf and twig the owl is perched on.

The motif is repeated all over the fabric at different angles with spacing ranging from 1cm to 3cm apart. The fabric is available in two variations, both with the same styled owls, one has the background in a navy blue the other in a deep soft wine tone of burgundy.

The owls in the burgundy variation are coloured in a pale sand beige shade, the wings and ears in dark coco brown and the claws and eyes in russet. In the navy blue variation, the cartoon like owls have the same pale sand coloured bodies, but milk chocolate for the wings and ears, and pale blue grey for the claw and eyes detail.

This fabric is 58 inches wide.

Fabric Properties

  • Medium weight polyester
  • Non absorbent
  • Does not crease easily
  • No stretch, taut horizontally and vertically
  • Slight give on the bias
  • Soft and comfortable

Sewing Suggestion

  • Use fine pins
  • French/plain seams recommended
  • Overlocking/zig-zag stitching of seams recommended
  • Universal machine needle to sew
  • Sharps needle to hand finish
  • Cool wash before use
  • Steam iron on a wool setting

Style Ideas

  • Perfect for shirts and blouses
  • Could be used for children’s clothing
  • Great for trousers and skirts if appropriately lined

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