Pink/Red Floral Satin Fabric

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Pink/Red Floral Satin Fabric - available now at the UK's lowest price!

This red/pink satin fabric is medium weight and has a beautiful sheen and wonderfully soft and easy drape. It is durable, wrinkle resistant and has a luxuriously soft finish.

Can be used for or on a range of clothing items including evening wear, blouses, night gowns, dresses, skirts, accessories and more!

Satin fabric is usually best for those have some dressmaking experience due to its slippery nature, but at this unbelievably low price, it is perfect for all!

Washing Instructions
As satin has a delicate weave, it should ideally be hand washed or cleaned using a gentle cycle. Always use cold water (30 degrees is fine) and rinse with a gentle detergent. If you decide to hand wash your satin garment, do not wring or twist the fabric. Do not dry on a high heat in a tumble dryer, just hang to air dry.

This fabric is 58 inches wide


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