What is the Points Stash?

The Points Stash is our Rewards Programme which lets you collect Fabric Points on purchases and the ability to redeem exclusive vouchers on future purchases!



We have created The Points Stash to reward our loyal customers and give them what they deserve - further discounts and the ability to save even more on their fabric!

This is our way of saying "thank you" for your support and loyalty. 

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We have recently launched Product Reviews! Now you can leave feedback for fabrics which helps us do a better job and provides other customers with independent and valuable information.
You can also post a photo or vide of your makes and feature them on our website! We LOVE to see your makes and sharing your wonderful creations helps to inspire others too!

If you leave a photo or video of your makes, you will receive 5 FREE FABRIC POINTS in your Points Stash! There is no limit on this, so if you add makes for 5 fabrics will get 25 points!

To ensure the integrity of this programme, you can leave product reviews only after placing an order for the fabric. You will usually receive an email a couple of weeks later. Please note not all fabrics are available to review as some have limited stock or will not be replenished once sold out.

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The rewards icon should appear automatically on both desktop and mobile devices. If you can't find the Reward icon, here's a picture showing its placement on our website: 

Mobile view:

The icon:

Will my points ever expire?

As long as you place an order within a six month period since your last order, your points will never expire. Points will only expire if you have not placed an order in a six month period. 

Rest assured, if this is the case, you will receive two reminder emails of unused points 30 days and 3 days before expiry!

Enjoy collecting points and saving even more with Pound Fabrics!