Why Buy Wholesale?

Purchasing fabric for a personal project is relatively simple and straightforward. You rarely need all too much - in fact, the most material that the average craftsperson is likely to invest in would be to create a pair of curtains or a bed set. Chances are that it’s a one-off creation that you’re not going to have to replicate in the future either. You can source this sort of material almost anywhere if you don’t mind forking out for it. But if you require larger quantities, rolls, or sheets of fabric, you’re best off looking at wholesale fabric. There are plenty of benefits that come with buying wholesale fabric. Let’s take a moment to look further into this

Wholesale fabric, in and of itself, doesn’t seem to differ all too much from fabric that is sold in much smaller quantities. It can be of the same quality. It may have the same prints. It may come in the same colours. It may be quite literally the same material, manufactured in the same way, but just sold in vaster quantities and on a roll, rather than folded up. So, why buy wholesale fabric?

It Can Be Cheaper

Here at Pound Fabrics, all of our fabrics are extremely low cost. In fact, much of the fabric that we sell in small quantities is actually cheaper than other providers price their wholesale lots of fabric. But a common reason for people buying wholesale fabric is that is that when you buy in bulk, providers offer it at a significantly reduced price. If you have a large scale project, buying wholesale can cut the costs that you incur. If you are purchasing materials to use as part of a profitable venture, you can increase your profit margins by sourcing your materials at a lower cost.

You Can Purchase in Higher Volumes

There are various reasons that you might want to buy a large quantity of the same fabric. If you are producing something large in size or a large quantity of smaller final products, buying wholesale fabric can ensure that you have sufficient fabric to complete your project.


Fabric supplied by standard stores tends to come in and out of stock. Wholesale fabric suppliers keep larger quantities of fabric in stock, which significantly reduces your chances of liking a fabric and heading back to buy more, only to find that it's out of stock or that it is no longer stocked.

Avoiding Folds

Many retailers fold small quantities of fabric that are to be sold and shipped. These cannot pass through industrial or manufacturing equipment. If you’re running a business that needs its materials to pass through this type of machinery, you are much better off investing in wholesale fabric. This is usually sold in rolls, eliminating the presence of creases and folds. Avoiding folds can also result in better quality final products. After all, fabric tends to experience more wear along any creases and edges. Removing these from the equation by purchasing wholesale fabric means that you aren’t going to have blemishes, lighter areas, or more worn areas on the fabric that you are using.


Certain fabrics are licensed. If a company has printed a certain trademarked or copyrighted design on fabric, it generally falls under licensing laws. Wholesale fabric is generally free from such prints, meaning that you can use it and sell it on without fear of being legally reprimanded or fined for your actions.

While all of our fabrics hold the cheap prices that are most commonly associated with wholesale fabric, it’s important to bear in mind that there are still further benefits associated with buying whole rolls and bolts. Take advantage of some of these benefits by browsing our collection of full rolls and bolts!

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