DIY Cardigan Tutorial

Do you dream of a DIY cardigan? No problem. What do we need? I chose 3 meters Plum Pattern Build-Up Stretch Fabric (CLICK HERE).

diy sewing

First I drew on the material all the elements (all dimensions in cm).

diy sewing

But how to draw a curve visible on the front and the back? Let's mark the dimensions that we have as points on the material, then draw a curve between them.

diy cardigan sewing

I drew it on back then put the front to it, drew it and cut it out.

how to sew a cardigan

You can see all the elements below.

diy sewing

how to sew a cardigan DIY

DIY sewing

The proposed sleeves have a rectangular shape, so after sewing they would give a kimono effect. If you feel like it, just leave them. I decided to narrow them towards the wrist. I marked 13cm from the side of the wrist on the folded sleeve.

How to sew a cardigan DIY

I connected it diagonally with the beginning of the sleeve next to the armpit. I cut it out.

sewing how to sew DIY

I didn’t do it perfectly, but I improved when sewing the sleeves (yes! This is the moment for the first seams!). First, I basted them, then I just sewn them on the machine.

Sewing DIY

Sewing DIY cardigan

I used a straight stitch to sew and a zigzag to sew an edge. Then I applied the sewn-in sleeve to the front and back folded together to mark the gap that should remain unstitched as a place for the sleeve.

Sewing diy

Next I sewed the front and back together. I put the sleeve in the gap, fastened with pins and sewn in.

How to sew diy

Sewing DIY cardigan

how to sew diy

At this stage, the effects of work are already visible. You can put on your cardigan and see if these dimensions suit you. I left the length and long sleeves because I like them, but if you want to shorten something, now is the time. Once you set the lengths, we will start finishing the edges and hook them up about 1 cm with pins.

How to sew cardigan diy

You can start sewing.

how to sew diy

Now it's time to get on the belt. We fold it in half so that the left side is outside.

How to sew cardigan diy sewing

We sew one end of the strap and the free edge, leave the other sewn off to turn the whole strap to the right.

diy sewing

We secure the non-stitched edge with a pin.

diy how to sew cardigan

Next we sew the entire belt on the machine.

how to sew cardigan diy

We do the same with belt loops.

how to sew diy

how to sew a cardigan diy

Sew ready loops at waist height. We pull the strap through it and it's ready!

how to sew

how to sew a cardigan diy sewing

how to sew

You can use many of our materials to make a similar creation, e.g.

Black and Cream Damask Stretch Fabric

Navy Ribbed Knit Fabric

Ivory and Black Diamond Oval Stretch Fabric

Lime and Ivory Floral Print Fabric


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4 Responses

Lara Clarke

Lara Clarke

April 05, 2023

Fantastic! I’ve always been a bit nervous about knits. I love the way you just went for it and achieved great results without an overlocker. I’m inspired! 🤩



August 27, 2021

What a fantastic project. Thank you it’s greatly inspiring.

Diane Russon

Diane Russon

February 17, 2020

I’m definitely going to have a go at this great instructions looks lovely



February 17, 2020

Thank you for your easy to follow instructions, totally loving the end result , many thanks for sharing your skills. Enjoy your weekend keep smiling . Kind regards Jane .

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