DIY Maxi Skirt Tutorial

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Today we sew a maxi skirt!

What do we need? I have 3 metres of Black Lace Fabric, 2 meters of Plain Polycotton Fabric in Black and 70 cm of elastic.

sewing tutorial

Adjust the elastic, top and hips dimensions to your body. Measure your waistline and take all that elastic.

We cut out all the elements.

sewing diy tutorial

Then we sew the elastic. First do the edges with straight stitch.

sewing diy tutorial

Next put the sewn in gum on the other side.

sewing diy tutorial

sewing tutorial diy

Then sew the edge again.

diy sewing tutorial

And sew the fold flat.

diy sewing tutorial

diy sewing cheap fabrics

We sew the lining on the sides and sew the bottom edge.

Let's take frills. We sew all the sides.

sewing diy cheap fabrics

diy sewing tutorial

diy sewing

Now we have to wrinkle them and sew them together. I mark at the top of flounce II, III, IV and V a 2cm belt.

Sewing tutorial diy

Then I loosely sew (like for basting) the entire flounce along this belt.

diy sewing

Next I gently pull the thread so that the frill has a crease.

diy sewing tutorial skirt

I mark the sides, middle of the front and back on the first and second flounce.

diy sewing

I evenly attach the flounce.sewing diy

I fasten in a way that the flounce I is on the bottom and II on the top with a 2 cm piece protruding. I staple it.

dy sewing

diy sewing

I repeat it in turn with all the frills. This material is good to sew because we don't have to finish the edges.

We have already made the lining, rubber and our frill top.

sewing tutorial skirt

diy sewing how to sew a skirt

Then we sew the lining with the upper, put it right to right and pin.

diy sewing how to sew a skirt

... and we can sew it!

We put our elastic from the inside.

diy how to sew a skirt sewing

We pin it at the edge of the elastic.

diy how to sew a skirt

Now you need to focus - we sew in the elastic. You probably noticed that we have a lot more material than the length of the elastic. To sew it well, we need to put our skirt under the machine and make a seam in a place of pins (elastic edge - do not sew it, sew at the very edge!) We have to stretch the material tightly to sew flat.

diy sewing how to sew a skirt

diy how to sew a skirt

The sewn-in elastic should look something like this:

diy how to sew a skirt

 If you do not feel confident with the pins, you can also baste any seam. If you are just starting the adventure with sewing this is a better solution.

Our skirt is ready!

diy sewing how to sew a skirt

diy how to sew a skirt

You can also use other materials from our site, e.g.

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